9 golden tips for the perfect meatball!

1. Meatballs are very easy to make: minced meat, onion, egg, salt and pepper and two hands to roll the balls: done.
2. Use the pork veal mixture. Wim's secret: home-grown pigs from his grandparents' farm. The animals are fed barley as food, which ensures the ultimate fat-meat balance.
3. Nowadays you will find a meat grinder on many kitchen robots. So you can work perfectly at home. Take half pork shoulder and half pork belly. Plus 5% veal cuts.
4. Pig fat tastes very good and gives juiciness to your minced meat. This is the case with beef fat.
5. Freeze the meat lightly before you start grinding it. This helps for smaller meat grinders that otherwise start to crush the meat instead of grinding it. Ice-cold meat also cools the grinding plate, which otherwise starts to get too hot due to the friction.
6. Cut the meat into cubes of 2 by 2cm and mix in the herbs.
7. Add 1 egg per kilo and salt, pepper and nutmeg, allspice and juniper if necessary. Coarse grinding at 3.5 mm and that's it.
8. In Wim's book, the baking times are based on a hot-air oven with ventilation. For classic ovens add +/- 50% of the time.
9. As soon as the gravy that comes out of the ball is clear, it is completely ready.