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Types of edible chocolate

There are countless delicious chocolate products to buy, with thousands of types, qualities of fillings and flavors. Here are some articles about chocolate and what to look out for to enjoy them the best.

White chocolate

In fact, this is cocoa butter without cocoa constituents, with some sugar, flavourings and milk. White chocolate does not have that deep taste of dark chocolate. It is a novelty and brings a nice contrast to brown chocolate.

Milk chocolate

For some chocolate fanatics, milk chocolate is not chocolate. Still, there are better and better brands that make good milk chocolate. These contain at least 40% cocoa. Most mass products don't get further than 20% and contain a lot of sugar. In addition, sometimes vegetable fat is added.  This is not the case with most Belgian chocolates. They add this vegetable fat to replace the more expensive cocoa butter.

Dark chocolate

chocolade-puurDark chocolate must contain at least 34% cocoa ingredients, but the higher the better the chocolate. The preference for dark chocolate is 60% cocoa, the real lovers prefer 70% - 80%. The better the quality of the chocolate, the less sugar it contains. Sugar is like salt i the food, it increases the taste, but too much is not good.

Good chocolate contains vanilla, an expensive flavoring made from an orchid from Madagascar. It also contains a bit of lecithin, a vegetable stabilizer. Unsweetened chocolate, only to be found at specialty stores, contains 98% cocoa components.